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LowBoy Precision Stage

Self-contained, scalable motion modules offer easy integration

LowBoy precision stages have a clean, low-profile package that simplifies integration into OEM machines, especially in stacked axis applications. LowBoy features two drivetrains for different force requirements. LowBoy Linear is driven by a cog-free linear servo motor rated for up to 280 N of continuous force. It has been used in semiconductor and metrology applications that require a reliable, precise linear motor positioning stage.  LowBoy ServoNut is powered by Bell-Everman's driven-nut precision actuator and offers up to 1,560 N of continuous force for use in applications requiring heavier-duty stages.

  • Speed and Precision. LowBoys reach speeds up to 4 m/s with a bi-directional repeatability of ± 1 encoder count.
  • Low Profile Design. Even when stacked in a dual-axis configuration, LowBoys have a stacked height of 169 mm.
  • Integration Options. LowBoys can be configured with an integrated rotary axis. Utilities can exit from the stage end or base. Top plates can be configured to customer specifications. Thanks to their self-contained covers, LowBoys lend themselves to clean room operation.
  • Rugged Construction. LowBoys feature an anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction. Their linear bearings are lubed for life.

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LowBoy L & S

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LowBoy Precision Stage

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