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ServoBelt™ Rotary Through Hole Differences

A large through hole is helpful when you have to pass utilities through the center of a rotary stage. But if you don't need the extra room for utilities, you can opt for a lower cost rotary stage with a standard-sized through hole. Watch this video to learn more.

ServoBelt™ Rotary

ServoBelt™ Rotary Stages Cost Up To 50% Less

ServoBelt Rotary stages are now available in a low-cost version that offers smaller through hole dimensions but otherwise keeps all the technical performance of our original ServoBelt Rotary stages.

Sealed Linear Stage

New Sealed Linear Actuators For Lighter Loads

Our SLS sealed linear stages have just become more versatile with the introduction of a compact model intended for lighter loads.

The SLS Light measures just 80 x 120-mm, or 60-mm less than our SLS Medium model. The Light version has maximum dynamic payloads of 15 kg for the direct drive linear motor variation and 30 kg for the ball screw version—versus 30 and 100 kg for the comparable SLS Medium models.

ServoBelt™ Linear Medium

ServoBelt™ Linear Medium Still Ticking—At 50 Million Cycles And Counting

“How long does the belt last?” It’s one of the first questions we get when engineers look over our ServoBelt™ Linear stages for the first time. And it’s a natural question to ask since many engineers have had experience with a broken belt drive at one time or another.

Inertially Optimized Motion Systems For 3D Printing and More At IMTS

Join us at the IMTS Show's Motion Drive and Automation Conference for a presentation on a new motion control system that delivers speed and precision to 3D printing, CNC and metrology applications. Bell-Everman founder Mike Everman will deliver the presentation—called Inertially Optimized Motion Control System Drives New 3D Printertoday, Tuesday, September 9th at 3:10 in McCormick West, Room W190.

New Online Configuration Tool For Sealed Linear Stages

We've just made it easier to configure our new SLS Sealed Linear Stages. Our new online configuration tool allows you to select travel length, drive options and accessories in minutes. And if you're ready for a quote, you can send your configuration to our applications engineering team. We'll have a price back to you within 24 hours.


New Sealed Linear Stage Provides Clean Motion For Dirty Machines

Linear stages in industrial settings often suffer from contamination problems. As manufacturing debris, particulate or liquid contaminants work their way into the stage, they can abrade or gum up the drive mechanism and bearings. Our new SLS Sealed Linear Stage keeps contamination outside the stage housing.

ServoBelt Linear Heavy

ServoBelt™ Heavy Quadruples Maximum Linear Force

From the moment we turned on the first ServoBelt Linear drive, we knew that we had a linear motor killer on our hands. Our non-traditional belt drive offered nearly all the accuracy of a linear motor but cost only a fraction as much money. The one limitation to ServoBelt technology had to do with maximum continuous linear force, which initially topped out at 38 lbf and then increased to 75 lbf.


ServoNut Replaces Linear Motor On Large Format Printer

With all the advances in digital printing technologies in recent years, today's large format printers can create visually stunning signs and displays. Yet even the highest-resolution print mechanism is only as good as the actuator that positions it.

Gandy Digital recognized the crucial role that actuators play when it designed our ServoNut Power Module into the table axis of a groundbreaking new printer called Pred8tor.

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