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Linear stages in industrial settings often suffer from contamination problems. As manufacturing debris, particulate or liquid contaminants work their way into the stage, they can abrade or gum up the drive mechanism and bearings. Our new SLS Sealed Linear Stage keeps contamination outside the stage housing.

ServoBelt Linear Heavy

From the moment we turned on the first ServoBelt Linear drive, we knew that we had a linear motor killer on our hands. Our non-traditional belt drive offered nearly all the accuracy of a linear motor but cost only a fraction as much money. The one limitation to ServoBelt technology had to do with maximum continuous linear force, which initially topped out at 38 lbf and then increased to 75 lbf.


With all the advances in digital printing technologies in recent years, today's large format printers can create visually stunning signs and displays. Yet even the highest-resolution print mechanism is only as good as the actuator that positions it.

Gandy Digital recognized the crucial role that actuators play when it designed our ServoNut Power Module into the table axis of a groundbreaking new printer called Pred8tor.

New model offers precision positioning for heavier loads

ServoBelt Rotary has become one of our most popular products, thanks to its combination of positioning performance, compact form factor and large through hole. Now even more applications will be able to reap these advantages.

SBR 50

The latest addition to our ServoBelt Rotary (SBR) line will debut at the ATX West 2011 Show in Anaheim, Calf., February 8 – 11. The new SBR 50 packs all the advantages of the original SBR 100 into a smaller package that makes it a cost-effective alternative to direct-drive motors in precision, light-duty rotary positioning applications. The new SBR features a through hole of 50 mm, half that of the original SBR but still very large for its overall size. Like the larger SBR 100, which will also be on display at the show, the new model offers a geometric accuracy of 2.5μm TIR or better at any point on the stage and a resolution of 16 arc-sec with a repeatability of ±40 arc-sec. SBR 50 has a gear reduction of 2.68:1.

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