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Pick The Right Encoder–And Save Big On Rotary Stages

The DDT100 Series, our most compact rotary stage, now features new encoder options that can reduce its price by as much as one third. The optional encoders, which can be found on stages with the new DDT100LC designation, are optical code wheels offering either 20,000 or 40,000 counts/rev, or 0.3 and 0.15 mrad respectively.

Pulsejet Engineering

An update on Mike Everman’s work on pulsejets just went up on his Technical Interest Blog. The post includes a detailed photo gallery showing a successful adaptation of Mike’s “Pocket Jet 2″ two-pipe geometry into a triple-pipe pulse jet. More on Mike’s pulsejet work over the last couple of years can be found here

Mike Everman’s Technical Interest Blog

Mike Everman has started a new blog about his personal engineering projects and cutting-edge Bell-Everman developments. The blog features videos and technical write-ups on topics as diverse as robotics, propulsion systems, and precision clockwork. We run new items in the the sidebar, but you can check it out here.


Product Pipeline Revealed At ATX West

Here at the ATX Show, we’ve been fielding a ton of questions about our upcoming products and ways to push the envelope with our current products. So we thought we’d reveal a few things that we have in pre-production or testing.

Affordable Precision Motion At ATX West

This week at the ATX West Show in Anaheim, we’re showing a line-up of our latest automation systems, including innovative linear and rotary stages for precision motion applications that would otherwise require expensive linear or direct-drive motors. Here’s a look at some of the systems on display:

ServoBelt™ Linear Drive

Bell-Everman is announcing the availability of the innovative ServoBelt™ linear drive, which provides belt-drive economy with screw-drive servo responsiveness, accuracy and repeatability, and linear motor-drive speed.

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