Innovative Solutions For Packaging Machines

Bell-Everman’s ServoBelt advanced belt-drive technology helps machine builders deliver packaging equipment that raises the bar on on throughput, efficiency, and reliability. Available in both linear and rotary configurations, ServoBelt drives serve as high-performance actuators on a variety of case packing, sorting, cartoning and palletizing machines.

For linear motion applications, ServoBelt Linear takes the place of conventional belt driven systems, rack-and-pinion drives and screw drives. ServoBelt Linear’s advantages include:

  • Productivity gains. With speeds up to 4 m/sec, ServoBelt Linear contributes to increased machine throughput.
  • Adaptability. Because ServoBelt Linear can tolerate large inertia mismatches (up to 200:1), it can be tuned to accommodate a wide range of loads–which gives packaging machines the flexibility to run different product mixes with minimal changeover procedures.
  • Multiple Carriages. ServoBelt Linear supports multiple independent carriages on the same linear axis.

For rotary motion axes, ServoBelt Rotary offers improvements in index timing and accuracy compared to pneumatic or hydraulic rotary actuators. Its advantages include:

  • Easy Integration. Designed from the ground up for easy integration into OEM machines, ServoBelt Rotary features a low-profile design and a range of mounting options.
  • Big Through Holes. The through holes in Servo Belt Rotary leave ample room for utility and network connections.


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