Controls Integration

From consulting on your existing control design to custom control architectures, our extensive controls expertise can help you get the most out of your motion system.

Your controls strategy is a crucial part of the motion equation.

At Bell-Everman, we know how many different motion control platforms interact with our mechanical motion systems—allowing us to push the envelope in terms of what’s dynamically possible.

Range of Services

Our controls expertise takes into account how your control architecture, stage dynamics and operating environment affect positioning requirements, and we're ready to provide as much or as little controls support as you need.

Our services include:

  • Independent consulting—ensuring your control architecture matches and works well with your system’s mechanical design.
  • Technical services, including commissioning, stage tuning, motor sizing and inertia matching according to your application’s specific motion requirements.
  • Complete turnkey motion systems with integrated controls and application-specific software. We design and deliver everything—linear and rotary stages, control architecture, safety features and more—to work together seamlessly right out of the box.

Featured Systems

Your Technical Benefits

There are technical advantages to allowing us to help with your control strategy.

Commissioning the mechanics and control architecture at the same time ensures both evolve together—leading to new, innovative discoveries about the hardware, control platform or both.

This systems approach—which considers the various ways your motion stages, controls and operating environment work together—lets us drive your motion system to the highest levels of dynamic performance.


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 Drives and Controls

  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Elmo Motion Control
  • ModuSystems
  • Omron Delta Tau
  • Teknic
  • Custom ARM based micro-controller
  • EtherCat capable developer

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