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High-Precision Additive Manufacturing (Video)

Check out this interesting motion system for a custom, high-precision 3D printing application with built-in metrology capabilities. We had to integrate this large system with Grade AA granite to meet the precision requirements. All axes include ServoBelt Linear Light Duty drives with position loop closure around linear encoders.

Bell-Everman Biomedical Gantry Video

Biomedical Gantry (Video)

One of our engineered solutions, this customized biomedical gantry incorporates our ServoBelt Light Duty linear stage. We designed this single side drive according to customer specifications and tested it prior to delivery.

ServoBelt™ Rotary Stage With Collet Closer (Video)

ServoBelt™ Rotary Stage With Collet Closer (Video)

Check out this video of our ServoBelt™ Rotary stage with an ER-16 collet closer. This integrated workpiece holder securely holds cylindrical goods for tasks like laser marking, engraving and inspection.

Bell-Everman Static Clamping Repeatability Test (Video)

Static Clamping Repeatability Test (Video)

We test all our motion hardware—including our ServoBelt Rotary stages. Check out this video of our SBR-16 stage during a static clamping repeatability test.

Putting a Two-Axis LowBoy Through Its Phases (Video)

Putting a Two-Axis LowBoy Through Its Phases (Video)

Watch our latest video, which features one of our senior engineers exercising a two-axis LowBoy linear motion stage. The system includes a ModuSystems MMC controller/stepper drive, Posital absolute encoders, E-stop, power supply and joystick.

ServoBelt™ Medium LoopTrack (Video)

ServoBelt™ Medium LoopTrack (Video)

In our latest video, we walk you through our ServoBelt™ Medium LoopTrack system, featuring a recirculating belt within the carriage, spliced chassis, stitch plates and more—all sitting on a 20-foot granite table.

Robust Bearing Design Improves ServoBelt™ Rotary Stage Performance

When specifying rotary stages, you might find yourself concentrating first on the allowable payload. But for our ServoBelt rotary stages, you shouldn't make payload your primary focus. These stages are built around duplex angular contact bearings that can handle hundreds of pounds both statically and dynamically in the axial and radial directions.

Video: Long-Travel Transfer Robot

Used in an agricultural packaging plant, this long-travel Cartesian robot has a travel length over 50-ft and is based entirely on our ServoBelt™ Linear Heavy linear stages. To deliver sheets of corrugated cardboard into four tray-forming machines, The robot rides over the top of the tray formers, which turn out up to 35 trays per minute. This turnkey system included controls development and custom end-of-arm tooling capable of handling 50-kg payloads.

Low-Cost, Heavy-Duty Gimbal Made From Rotary Stages

Over the years, we’ve built and shipped hundreds of gimbal assemblies that perform precision positioning of medium to heavy payloads. These units have relied on several types of drivetrains, all of which differ from the direct drives used in light-duty drone camera gimbals.

Vertical Gantry With Rotary

While most x-y-z gantries have a horizontal orientation, sometimes the job calls for a vertical system. We recently produced just such a system for a test-and-measurement application. At 3-meters tall and 2.8-meters wide, this vertical gantry was constructed from ServoBelt™ Linear Medium stages with two different chassis sizes—90 x 180-mm on the horizontal linear stages and 45 x 90-mm on the vertical linear stage. A ServoBelt™ Rotary 100 unit provided an additional rotational axis at the end of the secondary horizontal axis—or what would have been the the z-axis in a horizontal x-y-z gantry.

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