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Design Your Own LowBoy Linear Actuator With Our New CAD Configurator

We're excited to announce we've recently enhanced the engineering experience for our LowBoy Linear Actuators by adding an online CAD configurator to our website. This new online tool lets you configure your own LowBoy product, generate and interact with a CAD model of your configuration, and then request a quote — all in a few clicks.

ServoBelt™ Arc Drive

ServoBelt™ Arc Drive Features New Large-Diameter Rotary Stage

We’ve introduced a new multi-axis transfer robot based on our proven ServoBelt™ backlash-free belt drive technology. Called ServoBelt Arc Drive, it features custom designed rotary and tilt axes that precisely position semiconductor glass panels.

BE DNA Robots

ServoBelt™ Rotary Stage With Schunk Gripper

Known for their extensibility, ServoBelt™ Rotary Stages support the seamless integration of workholding accessories into the stage's large throughole. Pictured here, for example, is our SBR-50 with a Schunk gripper.

BE Dispensing System

Watch: Our Latest and Greatest Automation Systems Featuring ServoBelt

We design all our linear and rotary motion platforms with an eye toward customization. Check out some of the latest custom automation systems we’ve delivered, featuring our ServoBelt™ stages and actuators:

BE DNA Robots

DNA Robots, Semiconductor Stages, Collet Closers—and More

It's been an extremely busy year at Bell-Everman with a variety of engineered-systems going out this week. Here are just some of the latest systems coming off our production floor.

Bell-Everman Multi-carriage ServoBelt Linear

The Sky’s the Limit for ServoBelt™ Linear

You might think everything has a limit. But when it comes to ServoBelt™ Linear actuators, our only limit is the physical space we work in. Unlike traditional single-belt drives, ServoBelt can support systems with unlimited travel lengths and multiple, independently controlled carriages on the same motion axis. Together, these qualities offer high performance and limitless scalability — all at a lower price point compared to high-end linear motor drives.

Bell-Everman ServoBelt Linear Video

Watch Our ServoBelt™ Light LoopTrack in Action

It's official — we're now shipping our ServoBelt™ Light LoopTrack (SBL-L-LT)! The SBL-L-LT is our go-to drive nugget for multi-carriage applications, as well as for cases where the belt can't be located on the top surface. It also has a shorter driver — only 20 millimeters longer than the bearing carriage — which means you get all the benefits of the recirculating belt without a significant reduction in travel.

X-Y Stack for the Semiconductor Industry

Explore Some of Our Latest Custom Automation Systems

Using our ServoBelt™ stages and actuators, we can design and deliver a linear or rotary positioning solution that fits your performance requirements. Here are some examples of systems we recently made:

Bell-Everman box forming

New Robot Report Article Explores the Benefits of Our Cartesian Robots in Packaging Operations

We’re excited to announce our recent feature in Robot Report, a leading source of robotics news, research and information. The article looks at how our automation technology helps reduce labor costs and injuries while improving the efficiency of packaging operations.

Bell-Everman ServoBelt™ Rotary with Pancake Motor

Bell-Everman ServoBelt™ Rotary with Pancake Motor (Video)

Our ServoBelt™ Rotary stages work great with many kinds of motors—including brushless DC pancake motors. Also known as printed armature motors and servodisc motors, pancake motors are a great fit for space-constrained applications.

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