Precision Motion Components and Innovative Systems

Too many off-the-shelf rotary and linear motion components fail to strike the right balance between precision and value. Rely on conventional belt drives, ball screws or direct drive mechanisms, and your costs will rise as your positioning requirements tighten. Bell-Everman takes a different approach to motion control.

We’ve rethought the mechanics of readily available machine elements to create backlash-free motion devices that give you more precision than you’ve paid for. All of our linear and rotary motion components provide cost-effective positioning accuracy in the most demanding aerospace, medical, packaging and inspection applications.

Linear Motion

Our linear positioning devices consist of self-contained motion stages based on linear motors, our unique ServoNut ball screw drive and our ServoBelt advanced belt drive.

Rotary Motion

Our direct drive rotary axes combine best-of-class rotary positioning performance with large through holes and low-profile mechanical designs. Our rotary offerings include belt drive stage designs that compete on a torque and speed basis with far more expensive direct drive tables.

Engineered Solutions

If we don’t already have what you need, we can build it. Our custom engineered automation subsystems have been integrated into a wide variety of OEM machines.


Our driven-nut ball screw drives offer a fast, accurate, high-force alternative to linear motors. We also customize actuators for clean room, vacuum and all-weather motion systems.

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New ServoBelt LoopTrack Linear Stage

Our latest ServoBelt linear stage features a new LoopTrack carriage design that allows the stage to span long travel distances in any orientation. This linear stage also allows multiple, independent carriages to share a chassis and bearing rails.


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White Papers

An Introduction To Plug-and-Play Motion Subsystems

If you build machines, you probably work with actuators and positioning stages every day. But do you truly get the best performance or lowest cost of ownership from these motion devices? The answer may not be what you expect.

CAD Models

Download CAD models for Bell-Everman rotary and linear positioning products.


Linear Motion Engineering Guide

Click image to view ServoBelt™ Linear and LowBoy Specifications

Bell-Everman Linear Motion Engineering Guide

Bell-Everman News

Read about news, technical breakthroughs and design best practices related to motion control systems.

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Featured Applications

Bell-Everman engineers and manufactures embedded motion subsystems for a variety of demanding of industrial, medical, lab automation and metrology applications. Check out some of some of our recent work:


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