Linear Positioning

LowBoy Linear Actuators

Precise, modular electromechanical positioning systems

With three different drive mechanisms available in the same compact, aluminum chassis, LowBoy Linear Actuators let you choose the ideal price-to-performance ratio for your application.

The Right Drive. The drive offerings for LowBoy Linear positioning systems offerings consist of:

  • Precision Ball Screw
  • Air-core Linear Motor
  • Iron-core Linear Motor

The price differential between the lowest and highest fidelity in a given size is roughly 20 percent.

Accurate and Repeatable Linear Positioning. These linear actuators have bi-directional repeatabilities of ±0.5 µm for the linear motor models and ±5 µm for the ball screw. All models offer integrated position feedback devices for closed-loop control.

High Force Capabilities. LowBoy Linear Actuators are available now in lengths up to 1,600 mm and can exert continuous linear forces as high as 1,540 N, depending on the drive mechanism.

Compact, Protected Chassis. LowBoy Linear Actuators use one of two low-profile aluminum chassis designs. The Light versions use an 80-mm high by 120-mm wide chassis while the Medium versions have an 80-mm high by 180-mm wide chassis. Both chassis designs feature an integrated cover to protect the drive mechanism from contamination.

Easy Integration. With their compact chassis designs, LowBoy Linear Actuators provide bolt-on integration into any machine requiring a reliable, accurate positioning system.

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LowBoy Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications Precision Ball Screw Drives Linear Motor Drive
Light Duty Medium Duty  Medium Duty
Chassis Dimensions (H x W) 80 x 120 80 x 180 80 x 180
Maximum Travel Length (mm) 1000 1600
Bearing type Rail Width (mm) 2-row recirculating ball
4-row recirculating ball
4-row recirculating ball
Motor Type Any motor, NEMA 23 or 60mm preferred Iron Core or Air Core
Lead (mm) 5, 10 N/A
Uni-directional Accuracy (µm) Standard ±26 per 300 mm ±5.0
With error correction 2, 3 ±4.0 ±2.0
Bi-Directional Repeatability (µm) ±5.0 ±0.5
Pitch, Yaw & Roll (±arc-sec) ±15 Pitch, ±10 Yaw, ±20 Roll ±15 Pitch, ±10 Yaw, ±10 Roll ±15 Pitch, ±10 Yaw, ±10 Roll
Encoder type and Resolutions (µm)  Motor encoder
Linear encoder: 1, 0.5, 0.1
Magnetic encoder: 1
Motor encoder
Linear encoder: 1, 0.5, 0.1
Magnetic encoder: 1
Max Dynamic Payload (kg)1 30 100 30
Speed Limit (m/sec)  0.5 (5 mm lead), 1 (10 mm lead)6 4
Continuous Linear Force (N)7 1400 (5 mm lead), 700 (10 mm lead) 200. 300 (Iron Core)
87, 116 (Air Core)
Max Load at 2 m/sec (N)4, 5 N/A 90
Max Load at 0.5 m/sec (N)4, 5  1040 660 660
Max Moment Load at 2 m/sec (N-m)4 N/A 90 90
Max Moment Load at 0.5 m/sec (N-m)4 40 360 360
Moving Mass (kg) 1.2 1.7 3.5, 4.0 (Iron Core)
2.0. 2.1 (Air Core)
Friction (N)  5 7 7

1 Recommended maximum payload for standard LowBoy configurations. Contact Bell-Everman Engineering for payload maximum at desired velocity.
2 Controller dependent.
3 Requires linear encoder.
4 Consult Bell-Everman Engineering for additional Load/Life specifications.
5 Linear forces in x, y and z axes.
6 Short travel capability, consult Bell-Everman Engineering for travel dependent speed limit.
7 Higher forces possible, contact Bell-Everman Engineering.

LowBoy Rotary Applications

Thanks to their modularity and broad range of positioning resolutions, our LowBoy Linear Actuators serve in a wide variety of applications, including:

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