Advanced Servo Motion Control For Woodworking Machines

Bell-Everman’s linear actuators and expertise in CNC motion control helps keep the wood chips flying on a variety of CNC routers, engravers and custom woodworking machines. Our ServoBelt actuators offer an exceptional lineup of qualities that are valuable in woodworking environments:

  • Affordable performance. ServoBelt linear actuators offer the cost advantages of a traditional belt-drive stage. Yet they offer accuracy, repeatability and speed improvements that translate to real productivity improvements on the shop floor.
  • High-cutting Forces? No Problem. With their advanced belt-drive mechanism, ServoBelt actuators exhibit force and stiffness profiles that are more like ball-screw and rack-and-pinion drives than conventional belt drives. ServoBelt’s robustness is crucial when it comes to withstanding the high-cutting forces found on CNC routers and related machines.
  • Sawdust Resistance. ServoBelt’s mechanical design offers an inherent resistance to sawdust and wood chips for uptime and lifecycle improvements. ServoBelt resists contamination because its toothed drive surfaces of its belts are only exposed within the actuator’s protected moving carriage.


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