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Rotary Motion Drives Chairside Dentistry System

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Unique polar motion system reduces cost, improves performance.

Most of us don’t like to think about dental crowns. Odds are, however, that you will need one at some point in your life. Fortunately, this type of dental restoration is getting faster and easier for the patient, thanks to an emerging class of digital dentistry systems.

Think of these systems as rapid manufacturing cells that operate within the dentist’s office. The cells typically consist of an imaging system that takes a digital impression of the damaged tooth and a “chairside” milling machine that makes a ceramic crown.

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Low-profile Linear Stage Brings Speed and Precision to Semiconductor Inspection

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With some of the most demanding quality control regimens of any industry, semiconductor manufacturers use a variety of sophisticated metrology instruments to inspect wafers at each and every production step. All of these instruments have something in common: They simply will not function without precision motion stages.

Semilab, a maker of semiconductor inspection systems, uses Bell-Everman LowBoy linear stages for its non-contact applications.  Click the image to download a PDF of the case study.

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Linear Actuator Streamlines Large Format Printer Design

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The evolution of large format digital printers is continuing to drive change in the printing and publishing markets. These large format machines are used to print everything from banners, posters, signs, and photographs to proofs, drawings, and textiles. As digital printers continue to improve in terms of cost, performance, quality, and speed, they are beginning to replace traditional analog sign and display technologies, such as screen printing.  

One company specializing in the design and manufacture of large format digital printers is Gandy Digital, based in San Antonio, with manufacturing facilities in Oakville, Ontario. Click the image to download a PDF of the case study.

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ServoBelt™ Rotary Has The Right Moves For Bottle Inspection

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In bottle manufacturing operations, inspection is about more than just quality control. It’s also a matter of productivity since technicians can spend hours collecting bottle weight and dimensional data to ensure that molding machines and tooling are running properly. 

Avid Corporation has been making that quality data a lot easier to collect for more than two decades.  Click the image to download a PDF of the case study.

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