Technical Resources

Linear Overall Length

Add applicable ‘dead space’ dimension to the desired travel to determine overall actuator length.

ModelServoBelt Linear Light (SBL-L)ServoBelt Linear Medium (SBL-M)ServoBelt Linear Heavy (SBL-H)LowBoy ServoNut (LB-SN)LowBoy Linear Motor (LB-LM)
Dead space, primary carriage: Without linear encoder: +140mm Standard hard stops: +200mm +290mm +290mm -1S and -1P motors: +255mm
Dead space, primary carriage: With linear encoder: +190mm Heavy duty hard stops: +310mm +290mm +290mm -2S and -2P motors: +315mm
Dead space, additional carriage: Without linear encoder: +220mm +250mm +360mm N/A N/A
Dead space, additional carriage: With linear encoder: +220mm +250mm +360mm N/A N/A




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