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Affordable Precision Motion At ATX West

This week at the ATX West Show in Anaheim, we’re showing a line-up of our latest automation systems, including innovative linear and rotary stages for precision motion applications that would otherwise require expensive linear or direct-drive motors. Here’s a look at some of the systems on display:

  • ServoBelt Rotary. ATX marks the first showing of our newest stage, which puts ServoBelt’s proven belt technology to work in rotary applications. With its large through-hole and geometric accuracy of  2.5μm TIR or better  at any point on the stage, the ServoBelt Rotary can take the place of  pricey direct-drive motors. Resolution for this new stage is 16 arc-sec with a repeatability of ±40 arc-sec. A ring encoder is optional. Full specs are available here.
  • ServoBelt Linear. We’re running our  ServoBelt linear axis technology in configurations that show the versatility of this cost-effective alternative to linear motors. Among the displays are a 3-meter dual-carriage version and a Cartesian pick-and-place robot built around a pair of ServoBelts. Read more about the ServoBelt Linear here or download the technical specs.
  • Direct Drive Rotary Stages. Intended for easy integration into metrology and light mechanical applications, our DDT rotary stages will be shown in several sizes that highlight this stage’s low-profile, large through-hole and accuracy. The DDT100S, for example, measures just 50 mm high and 100 mm across.  It offers a geometric accuracy of 1.5mm TIR or better anywhere on stage.  Download the specs here.
  • KAOS OEM. With the lowest profile and lowest moving mass in its speed and accuracy class, this two-axis cartesian servo stage offers fast accelerations–up to 2g continuous and over 5g peak–with a minimum investment in linear motor force. Its low profile makes this servo stage is easier to package in your system, and your payload is more closely coupled to the linear bearings for excellent stiffness and shorter settling times. Read more about the award-winning KAOS here or download the technical specs.
  • LowBoy ServoNut. This affordable low-profile ball-screw drive targets metrology and light- to medium-heavy mechanical processes and offers geometric accuracy of 10μm TIR or better at any point on the stage. Axial repeatability is 2μm with 1μm encoder. The LowBoy ServoNut is highly configurable with a range of chassis and stage mounting options. Download LowBoy ServoNut technical specs here.

All these systems and more are up and running under full power, so you can see them in action if you stop by our booth (#4550). Or check back this week for more updates from the show.


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