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ServoBelt™ Rotary Gets Big

New model offers precision positioning for heavier loads

ServoBelt Rotary has become one of our most popular products, thanks to its combination of positioning performance, compact form factor and large through hole. Now even more applications will be able to reap these advantages.

We recently developed a new ServoBelt Rotary capable of handling far heavier loads than the ServoBelt 100, our next largest model.

Increased Heft. Called the SBR 200, the new rotary stage provides:

  • A 200-mm through hole, or twice the size of SBR 100.
  • Continuous torque to 38 N-m, or more than 5 times the maximum torque of SBR 100.
  • Load capacity of 25 kN (axial) and 21 kN (radial), or nearly double the capacity of SBR 100.
  • Max moment of 1050 N-m, or nearly three times that of SBR 100.
  • Bi-directional repeatability of ±100 arc-sec, slightly better than the SBR 50.
  • Uni-directional repeatability of ±15 arc-sec, slightly better than the SBR 50.
  • Accuracy of ±60 arc-sec, or one-third better than SBR 50 with a motor encoder.
  • Payload maximum 100kg, versus 25kg SBR 100.

Application Flexibility. SBR 200 can be used in any medium-duty rotary positioning application. It’s a natural fit for production and assembly machines needing to move loads too heavy for our previous products. Like other ServoBelt Rotary models, the SBR 200 has a huge through hole relative to its overall size. This feature makes it easy to bring utility connections, sensors and other functional components to the top of the stage.

True ServoBelt Drive. Looking under the hood of the SBR 200, it features a drive mechanism enhancement not available on our previous ServoBelt models. The SBR 200’s larger package size allowed us to integrate a full-fledged ServoBelt drive mechanism—essentially a round, stationary-motor version of the mechanism used in our linear ServoBelt. This high-stiffness symmetrical drive mechanism enhances stiffness and eliminates backlash, which contributes the the SBR 200’s tight positioning accuracy.

Check out SBR 200 at the upcoming Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show in Anaheim, Calf. We’ll have it on display in Booth 4205 from February 14 to 16, 2012.


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