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Bell-Everman ServoBelt™ Rotary with Pancake Motor (Video)

Our ServoBelt™ Rotary stages work great with many kinds of motors—including brushless DC pancake motors. Also known as printed armature motors and servodisc motors, pancake motors are a great fit for space-constrained applications.

The implementation shown in the video uses a flat-armature design from Printed Motor Works to drive a SBR-16 stage mounted on granite. Its intended use is within the inspection envelope of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), so space was at a premium. And this motor extends only 26-mm from the mounting surface versus about 152-mm for an equivalent servomotor with a conventional frame design. Despite its compact size, this 94-W motor packs a punch with a peak torque of 3 Nm and a rated speed of 3000 rpm.


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