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New Online Configuration Tool For Sealed Linear Stages

We've just made it easier to configure our new SLS Sealed Linear Stages. Our new online configuration tool allows you to select travel length, drive options and accessories in minutes. And if you're ready for a quote, you can send your configuration to our applications engineering team. We'll have a price back to you within 24 hours.

SLS stages feature self-contained drive mechanisms and integrated polyurethane seals to keep contaminants where they belong—outside the stage's anodized housing. With their proprietary seals, SLS stages represent a cleaner, more compact alternative to linear motion devices that use bellows or other complex sealing methods.

Available with both linear motor and ballscrew drives, SLS is a precision positioning device at heart.

  • Linear motor configurations offer standard accuracies of ± 4 µm per meter of travel with bi-directional repeatability of ± 0.5 µm. Error correction mapping can enhance accuracy to ± 1µm. Top speed is 4 m/second, and maximum continuous linear force is 300 N.
  • Ballscrew configurations can achieve accuracies of ± 10 µm per meter of travel and bi-directional repeatability of ± 5 µm. Top speed is 500 mm/second, and maximum continuous linear force is 1,540 N.

Standard travel lengths range from 100 to 1,000 mm, with custom lengths available to 2,000 mm. The compact housing, with seals in place, measures just 185 mm wide and 80 mm tall. To learn more about Bell-Everman Sealed Linear Stages, visit Or configure a stage for your application now.


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