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New Sealed Linear Actuators For Lighter Loads

Our SLS sealed linear stages have just become more versatile with the introduction of a compact model intended for lighter loads.

The SLS Light measures just 80 x 120-mm, or 60-mm less than our SLS Medium model. The Light version has maximum dynamic payloads of 15 kg for the direct drive linear motor variation and 30 kg for the ball screw version—versus 30 and 100 kg for the comparable SLS Medium models.

Integrated Lip Seal. Both sizes of SLS sealed linear stages feature a proprietary linear lip seal design that integrates seamlessly with the stage’s anodized aluminum housing. Made from a ruggedized polyurethane elastomer, the seal resists chemicals, temperature extremes and mechanical wear. The seal can also be replaced in minutes without the disassembling the stage—or even removing the payload in most cases.

Linear Actuator Performance. As you might expect, SLS Light has lower continuous force capabilities and maximum load capacity than the beefier Medium models. For example, SLS Light offers continuous linear forces of up to 120 N in the linear motor version, while the SLS Medium provides up to 300 N. Ballscrew continuous linear forces are same for both SLS Light and Medium at 1400 N.

Other than the differences in dimensions, payload and continuous forces, SLS Light sealed stages perform very much like the SLS Medium models:

  • Speed reach 4 m/ second for linear motor models. Ballscrew models can achieve 0.2 m/s with a 10-mm lead, which is slightly slower than the Medium’s 0.5 m/s maximum.
  • Accuracy is just ±2.0 μm in the linear motor version and ±4.0 μm in the ballscrew version.
  • Bi-directional repeatability is ±0.5μm and ±1.0μm for the linear motor and ballscrew versions, respectively.

Many Uses. Applications for the SLS Light Sealed Linear Stage include any application in which contaminants can threaten the smooth operation of a linear actuator. These applications include laser machining, welding, semiconductor and machining.

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