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ServoBelt™ Arc Drive Features New Large-Diameter Rotary Stage

We’ve introduced a new multi-axis transfer robot based on our proven ServoBelt™ backlash-free belt drive technology. Called ServoBelt Arc Drive, it features custom designed rotary and tilt axes that precisely position semiconductor glass panels.

Measuring 450-mm across, the robot’s large rotary axis is built around a ServoBelt drive mechanism and a proprietary Bell-Everman bearing design. The stage offers a torque rating of 200 N-m (400 N-m ultimate), speeds up to 150 rpm and repeatability to ±22 µrad (0.001º).

The large-diameter rotary stage on this robot can be scaled to larger sizes and is available as a separate product. The combination of ServoBelt and our bearing design results in a low-cost, light-weight alternative to heavy, expensive table drives.

The robot’s tilt axis, which moves the entire rotary stage assembly and its payload up to 90 degrees, is driven by an arc-shaped ServoBelt drive mechanism, which can also be scaled and applied to other tilt applications.

You can learn more about ServoBelt Arc Drive in our latest video.


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