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ServoBelt Linear Heavy

ServoBelt™ Heavy Quadruples Maximum Linear Force

From the moment we turned on the first ServoBelt Linear drive, we knew that we had a linear motor killer on our hands. Our non-traditional belt drive offered nearly all the accuracy of a linear motor but cost only a fraction as much money. The one limitation to ServoBelt technology had to do with maximum continuous linear force, which initially topped out at 38 lbf and then increased to 75 lbf.

Now we’ve upped the ante on linear force again with our new ServoBelt Heavy model. It offers a maximum continuous linear force of 300 lbf, or four times what our ServoBelt Medium model can handle. Max payload has increased as well to 300 lb, up from 100 on ServoBelt Medium.

Applications for the new heavy-duty drive include:

  • Packaging
  • Laser cutting and welding
  • Industrial fabrication
  • Wet bench
  • Material handling

This new heavy-duty linear drive still uses our proven ServoBelt mechanism, though it has been beefed up substantially to accommodate the higher forces and loads. The chassis and bearings have been strengthened as well.

Other than the improvements in the linear force and payload, ServoBelt Heavy performs very much like our previous models:

  • Speed is 4 m/sec.
  • Uni-directional repeatability is ±15 µm.
  • Dynamic belt life is 5 million cycles at 1,334 N.

For a detailed comparison of our ServoBelt Light, Medium and Heavy Models, download our data sheet.

View SBL-H Specifications

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