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ServoBelt™ Linear in Packaging Systems

ServoBelt Linear has gotten some traction in large packaging systems lately. The reason comes down to the fact that our linear motion stages and actuators offer unlimited travel lengths and can support multiple, independently controlled carriages. These features have made it possible to build large Cartesian packaging robots that service multiple packaging machines over distances of more than 30 meters.

ServoBelt’s cost, high speeds and long lifecycles make it a good fit for shorter motion axes in other types of packaging machines too—including case packing, sorting, cartoning and palletizing.

There are many good, standardized packaging machines on the market today. Our focus, however, remains on custom solutions that typically include not just ServoBelt, but also controls, machine vision and customized end-of-arm tooling.

Check out our latest video to see some of our packaging systems in action.




Configure Your ServoBelt™ Linear Stage 

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