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SBR 50

The latest addition to our ServoBelt Rotary (SBR) line will debut at the ATX West 2011 Show in Anaheim, Calf., February 8 – 11. The new SBR 50 packs all the advantages of the original SBR 100 into a smaller package that makes it a cost-effective alternative to direct-drive motors in precision, light-duty rotary positioning applications. The new SBR features a through hole of 50 mm, half that of the original SBR but still very large for its overall size. Like the larger SBR 100, which will also be on display at the show, the new model offers a geometric accuracy of 2.5μm TIR or better at any point on the stage and a resolution of 16 arc-sec with a repeatability of ±40 arc-sec. SBR 50 has a gear reduction of 2.68:1.


Our motion systems are often scaled up for large-format manufacturing applications, but we’ve recently taken our technology in the opposite direction to address miniature manufacturing. Case in point: We’re putting the finishing touches on a new 3-axis motion stage for a vision-guided CNC micromachining system.

Avid Corporation makes good use of ServoBelt™ Rotary’s large through-hole and easy installation in a unique vision inspection system for the packaging industry.

In bottle manufacturing operations, inspection is about more than just quality control. It’s also a matter of productivity since technicians can spend hours collecting bottle weight and dimensional data to ensure that molding machines and tooling are running properly. Avid Corporation has been making that quality data a lot easier to collect for more than two decades.

The DDT100 Series, our most compact rotary stage, now features new encoder options that can reduce its price by as much as one third. The optional encoders, which can be found on stages with the new DDT100LC designation, are optical code wheels offering either 20,000 or 40,000 counts/rev, or 0.3 and 0.15 mrad respectively.

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